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4 Reasons Why Accountability Groups Help with Weight Loss

4 Reasons Why Accountability Groups Help with Weight Loss

February 6, 2019 Published by admin

Are you struggling to get back in shape? Are you experiencing confidence loss instead of weight loss? Are you on the verge of giving up your dream of having a fit body? Has inconsistency in exercise become the only consistent aspect of your workout?

If the answers to the above questions are all “YES”, this blog is for you!

We all know how challenging a workout session can become. Especially if you are doing it all alone, your mind may deceive you to feel stressful, tired, lazy and even frightened at the very thought of waking up in the wee hours and sweating it out. These excuses, which our heart and mind keep telling us, at times become so hardwired that we call it quits.

However, simply joining an online accountability group can work wonders. Doing so has its own psychological, emotional and practical benefits and this seemingly insignificant act is helping many lose weight faster.

Here are 4 reasons how joining an accountability group helps in making you fitter and healthier:

1. Gives You 24X7 Access to Health Tips

Admit it or not, most of us have too much do in too little time. This undeniably leads to time crunch and we ultimately choose to postpone challenging tasks (like working out) for the next day. Not to mention the old adage that “Tomorrow never comes”.

Being a part of an online accountability group gives you the freedom to choose your own time and it also provides you with instant access to fitness mentors and their valuable mantras. At the push of a button, you end up getting a workout schedule, nutrition-related tips, a list of beginner exercises and what not.

2. Makes Working out a Private Affair

If you are one of those who feel conscious of the presence of others while working out, online accountability groups are ideal for you.

Sweat it out in the comfort of your living room and stay away from the mocking faces of gym mates who may make you uncomfortable.

3. Lends a Voice To Your Concerns

Let’s acknowledge that we all are apprehensive about being judged. This often results in us not speaking our minds or mincing words, fearing the other person may form an opinion about us. The probability of being hesitant increases all the more when it comes to discussing our body shape and appearance.

Accountability groups give a suitable window to everyone to be vocal about their concerns, without being identified or running the risk of being judged.

4. Keeps You in The Game

One of the most unique benefits of an accountability group is that it helps keep the ball rolling. Imagine a peer or a buddy asking you every week or fortnight about the progress you have made. You will certainly be on your toes as the added accountability will keep pushing you to try harder.

In addition to this, escaping or backing out becomes less probable as you will certainly not want to disappoint others and ultimately yourself.

If the above points are not enough to get you moving towards an accountability group, the one below surely will.

A lot of scientific studies that are coming up emphatically prove the positive impact accountability groups may have on your workout pattern. An interesting study by Stanford University found that a mere call or a message enquiring about one’s workout progress increased the amount of exercise one did by a whopping 78%. In fact, those who work out alone are 43% likelier to quit compared to the meagre 6.3% dropout rate that we witness in groups.

In other words, accountability groups definitely work. There are observations as well scientific studies which prove this. Don’t delay join an accountability group and take a step closer towards having a healthy body!