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July 21, 2021 Published by admin

I hope this month has been absolutely amazing for you so far ?  I can’t believe it’s almost over!! But I am also super excited because we now have something new available that I’ve been waiting for allll month!!! ?

The (free) sample workout for our newest program launching next month is available to try out now, for everyone. So I’m asking if you’d like to do me a favor and try it out! I love hearing feedback about our new programs, so I know how to best help and serve people who may (or may not) be a good fit for the new program.

This program is from Amoila Cesar, a trainer for professional athletes and celebrities (how cool is that?!) If you are familiar with his 6 Weeks of the Work program from last year, don’t be scared! This is not NEAR as intense or intimidating. It’s meant for everyone and any intensity. 

He’s passionate about functional movement, good clean simple nutrition, and listening to and fueling your body for how it was designed. And you’re going to get ALL of that in this new program. The sample workout is a great way to ‘meet’ the trainer if you haven’t before, and get a feel for the training style. 

The full program is 13 weeks – a true commitment to yourself, to reach your peak level of health and fitness. It’s 6 days a week, 45 minutes per workout. And it’s called…645 ? Get it?! 

I think that’s everything you need to know for now – just go ahead and give it a try!