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Action creates momentum, stop putting off till tomorrow what must be done today.

January 5, 2021 Published by admin

If you are anything like me, there is probably a time in your life that you’ve set yourself a goal, something you really want to achieve and have every intention of doing but then you do nothing – except talk yourself out of it, making excuses as why you can’t do it yet and put off taking action towards achieving it till later. 

How many times have you thought about something you want to do and said to yourself I’ll start next Monday, or I’ll start next month because I’ll be less busy then, I’ll have sorted out my finances then, I’ll have more time then. But ‘then’ comes and all those excuses you make to yourself are still there or replaced with new ones and so you kick your goal down the road, saying to yourself “it’s ok I’ll do it later”. 

The truth is later never comes. There are always reasons why now isn’t the time to start and that’s why now is the time you must start. 

I used to set myself goals all the time but didn’t achieve them because I never took that first action step. It was always something I would tell myself I’ll start later. 

So how do you break the cycle and actually start achieving your goals? 

For me there are 3 things that must be done as soon as you set yourself a goal. 

Firstly you need to write it down and put a timeline on when you will achieve it by. Having a date to work towards helps to create focus

Secondly you should tell others what your goal is and when you want to achieve it by. This can be scary and out of your comfort zone but it is also a form of accountability. By telling others what you plan to achieve makes it more real and tangible and gives you a bit more drive to make it happen as you don’t want to look silly not achieving it. You’ll also get support and encouragement from them to keep you working towards it. 

Thirdly as soon as you set yourself a goal you should take action straight away to achieve it. Taking action creates momentum and stops you making excuses. Also when setting a goal you are usually in a positive state of mind and you can use that energy to move forward rather than waiting till that energy is no longer there and you talk yourself out of it. 

For example if your goal is to lose 10lbs or tone up, as soon as you’ve written the goal down and told someone you are going to do it, do something that will take you towards that goal straight away 

  • do a workout straight away
  • Sign up for that online fitness programme you’ve been saying you’ll do but keep putting off 
  • Clear all the junk food out of your cupboard that you keep saying you’ll finish before you start your new journey. 

Take some kind of action that enables you to keep moving forward to keep taking the next step towards achieving your goal. 

Let me know in the comments what your goal is and what action you are going to take today towards achieving it.