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Athletes eat and train, they don’t diet and exercise!

February 12, 2021 Published by admin

Athletes eat and train, they don’t diet and exercise!

I loved this quote from my trainer, Autumn Calabrese doing 9 Week Control Freak this morning. It’s a little change in language and psychology.

The words we use can have a big impact on our mindset and how we approach things.

People often ask me what diet I’m doing. But I’m not on a diet. Yes I follow a meal plan called the ultimate portion fix but it’s not a diet.

A diet means you cut things out or you can’t eat certain foods. There is literally a new diet coming out every week.

I’ve found people that diet, diet for a couple of weeks and don’t stick to it because it’s not sustainable. When you deprive yourself of certain food groups you start to crave them and you need to eat from all food groups for your body to function.

I love eating and don’t want to give up foods that I love. It’s about eating the right portions of each food group. Carbs, proteins, fruit and veg, healthy fats all play a different role in your body functioning properly. Too much or too little of one or the other effects your body being in an optimum state. That’s why 21 Day Fix and the Ultimate Portion Fix are such great tools to get results.

I don’t claim to know all the science behind it, but its a simple meal plan that takes all the guess work, calorie counting and all that goes with it out of the equation. I choose what I want to eat and measure it out in these simple containers and get results.

If you are fed up with jumping from one diet to the next and not seeing long lasting results, and want to follow a sustainable long term meal plan that gives lasting results come and join our Transformation Hub Challenge Group where we focus on the ultimate portion fix alongside a daily workout routine that if followed properly guarantees results or your money back.