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Big announcements you don’t want to miss! ?

July 27, 2021 published by admin

WOW, Last week was quite the whirlwind! I met up with my fellow health & fitness coaches for our virtual annual ‘summit’ where we hear all the newest developments and announcements. And there’s a lot!! You may already know that we (Beachbody) went public at the end of June, and that was the beginning of

Do you have a support team??

July 26, 2021 published by admin

Do you remember a time in your life when everything was going well, that everything you touched or did seemed to be successful. You felt on top of the world, as if you had the midas touch? But then one day that luck seemed to just stop. You stopped having the same level of success,

Do you have a support team?

July 25, 2021 published by admin

Have you ever had your friends and family tell you, you can’t do something. Tell you you are crazy and it’s not possible to do what you want to do?  It can be a crushing blow when the people closest to you are the ones who doubt you or tell you to give up. It

What is the 5 Day accountability challenge?

July 25, 2021 published by admin

What is the 5 Day Accountability Challenge? The 5 day accountability challenge is a challenge to help you get clear on the habits you need to create success in your life. For 5 days we will be challenging you to follow the routine we follow every day that has helped us create success in our

Have you got big goals for your life?

July 24, 2021 published by admin

 Me too!  That’s why I surround myself with people who will hold me accountable to them, to ensure I follow through on the days I am doubting myself and lose a bit of faith.  That’s why myself and the team at Intu Fitness want to be there for you to! To support you towards your

Every successful person has a support team

July 23, 2021 published by admin

Everyone needs a little support when embarking on a new challenge. No one reached the top without a team of people supporting them. An athlete has a team of coaches, drs and physio’s supporting them towards their goals. A businessman has a team of directors, managers, employees who buy into the vision and support them.