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The best bit of advice I was given

June 9, 2021 published by admin

The best piece of advice I’ve ever been given and was this…..  Learn to live on 55% of your income. (Mortgage/rent, bills, groceries)  Invest 10% (property, stocks, business, crypto) Educate yourself with 10%  (personal development seminars, audible books, training courses)  Play with 10% (do the things that make you happy – kitesurf, tennis, golf, cinema

Some BIG things ahead this summer! ☀️ 🙌

June 8, 2021 published by admin

Hope you had an amazing weekend and officially kicked off the summer in a big way! 🙌  I’m so excited for fun and sun and just all things summer!! ☀️ And as of recently, I have even more things to be excited about, because there are some big things happening this summer that I just


June 7, 2021 published by admin

It’s here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And Lia is excited to announce early enrollment is now open! 🎉🎉the hype is real as you can see when you swipe 💕 The Transformation Game is the only Membership you need to subscribe to! Empowering you to say goodbye to overwhelm and hustle and create your successful, freedom filled business by creating

Join The Transformation Game

May 29, 2021 published by admin

Get immediate access now for $47 I love the feeling of incredible business owners coming together and pushing for greatness!  The feeling of badass men and women from around the world choosing to step up, play full out, take care of their health, driven to make an impact and deciding to move forward … To

Put your VISION in charge

May 28, 2021 published by admin

You KNOW there’s another way to be doing life and business, you know it’s meant to be so much easier, you know deep down that you’re meant to be paid for doing what you love and for your business to compliment the lifestyle you dream of creating rather than complicating it.   Are you going

What is the Transformation Game

May 27, 2021 published by admin

Want to know what this whole Transformation Game thing is about??  Well I’m glad you asked 🙂 The Transformation Game is a space where you’re tapped into and focused on what truly matters.. taking you from hustle and grind to harmony and flow. A space where you’re operating your business with ease and life feels