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Slay your summer with these salads & sweet treats! ??

July 12, 2021 published by admin

There’s so many awesome things about summer, One of the best things is that it’s SO much easier to eat a salad ? I almost feel like I have to choke it down most of the time in the winter, but the light & crunchy & colorful greens are much more enjoyable in the sunny

Shouldn’t you have a 6 pack by now?

July 2, 2021 published by admin

“Shouldn’t you have a 6 pack by now?” – someone with a beer belly the size of Buddha People love to hate to cover up their own insecurities. When someone says something to try and hurt you remember it’s just a reflection of their own inner thoughts and not a reflection of you. The truth

“Count the chimney tops on your way to work”

July 1, 2021 published by admin

I don’t know about you, but the last year has felt like getting punched in the face slowly repeatedly. At first you can deflect the punches but after a while it gets tiring and the ? feel harder & start to wear you down, till you are close to throwing in the towel. If you

Cookies & Cream comin’ right up! ?

June 22, 2021 published by admin

It’s heeere!! Cookies and Creamy, our newest addition to the superfood menu and our FIRST gluten-free flavor is officially live!! It’s flavors of vanilla and cocoa and it’s creamier than ever – with NO dairy and NO gluten! PLUS even more probiotics than before! A huge reason why many people start and continue to love

The ONLY time I do not want to ‘feel the burn’ ?☀️

June 18, 2021 published by admin

We’re in full swing summer, and I am loving it!! And while I am about getting a good burn with my workout, I am NOT so fond of feeling the burn on my skin. Exposure to those harmful UV Rays not only greatly increases your risk of skin cancer, but also causes dehydration, premature wrinkling and

Royal Marines training vs Shaun T workout

June 17, 2021 published by admin

If you’ve been following along with my Instagram stories recently you’ll know I’ve recently started doing the Insanity Asylum with Shaun T which is a beast of a workout. The reason I’m doing it is because we have a new programme launching soon with Amoila Cesaer who makes Shaun T look like kindergarten so I’m