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Learn To Control Your Mind & Save Money on Binge Eating!

Can’t Stop Overeating? Learn To Control Your Mind & Save Money on Binge Eating!

March 4, 2019 Published by admin

Let’s accept this – controlling the urge stemming from the taste buds is challenging. I know this because I have failed miserably in the past. Innumerable times, I pledged to eat right, but failed. My New Year resolutions could not go past February. My erratic schedule to starve myself one day, only to indulge in binge eating the other, made things worse. My body began to show signs of fatigue and my willpower dwindled significantly, but it was not enough to shake me and wake me up until one day, I came across the figures that binge eaters spend each week on food that only makes them feel more miserable.

According to some of the reports, an average binge eater spends as much as £150 a week. I was simply left aghast! Since then, I decided to learn how to control my mind when it comes to eating thanks to 2B Mindset and The Ultimate Portion Fix thankfully, there has been no turning back.

If you are anything like me, and it is very likely you are since you are reading this blog, let me tell you – you too can quit this unhealthy habit. All you need to do is take care of a few things, and slowly you can eliminate overeating from your life for good.

But before I get into the nitty-gritty, let me first congratulate you on your determination to resolve this issue. Not many are courageous enough to take stock of their life and consider issues that make them feel uncomfortable about themselves. But it seems you are different, you are special!

Let’s get down to the brass tacks.

Never Skip Meals

No matter how satisfied you feel after skipping a meal or breakfast, be rest assured it is only going to be counter-productive. You may feel good that you managed to starve yourself and are committed, but if there is one way that just doesn’t work to keep you healthy, it is skipping meals. In fact, avoiding breakfast is a sure-shot way to indulging in binge eating. Why?

Eating is a necessity. By not eating, you may control your mind once, but the moment you take your next meal, your mind will force you to eat more. The fact that you have not eaten anything will trigger you to make unhealthy choices. Eat a healthy breakfast and take my word, your mind will not be able to deceive you.

Sweat It Out

Controlling overeating is all about having a strong willpower. And since willpower is like a muscle, you have to build it up by working on it. One of the best ways to increase and improve your willpower is by signing up for a workout schedule. Wait, I am explaining why this is necessary!

Since our mind is hardwired to search for ease and pleasure, we often give in, to rather than confronting what our mind is dictating to us. A majority of us stop coming to the gym because our minds tells us, “Why take so much pain?” By being consistent with your workout, you go against your mind and embolden your willpower in the process. Try it tomorrow, and trust me, you will begin to see the difference from the first day itself!

Train Your Mind

What is this mind training? No. It is not something related to meditation or contemplation. It is about always keeping a simple concept at your brain’s conscious level. And the principle is “Pay the price the moment it is due.”

Imagine you receive your monthly electricity bill worth £100. You dilly dally on its payment and miss the due date. Now, instead of paying just £100, you have to pay a fine of £20 too. Let’s assume you do not pay this too, and the fine continues to pile up. One fine day, fearing the huge backlog, you decide to clear off the dues. But this time, the amount has risen to £180. The moral of the story is you do not have a choice when it comes to paying a price, but you do have a choice as to when to pay the price.

The whole world works on this principle and it holds true for overeating too. Hold yourself from eating that bacon today, or pay in terms of health, wealth and peace of mind later. The choice is truly yours! Train your mind to always “pay the price the moment it is due”.

Track the Trends

Last, but not the least, keep a track of the situations that made you weak. Write down the moments, which made you break your pledge. Find out your vulnerabilities and make it a point to not expose yourself to such situations unless you have a plan ready to deal with them.

To conclude, overeating can be controlled by taking certain small steps that will help your mind become more resilient towards resisting the urge to eat. Do not expect to transform yourself overnight. You will surely have days that will make you weak. But take them as an off day and do not curse all your efforts made over a period of time. Tighten your belt and take the challenge head on again!

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