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Overnight Success is Bullshit!

March 13, 2019 published by admin

Do you ever beat yourself up because you don’t get instant results? I know I’m often guilty of that and am constantly having to remind myself to achieve success it takes time. The problem is we live in an age where we expect things to happen quickly or overnight. With modern technology we can order

It’s Transformation Tuesday!

March 5, 2019 published by admin

This weeks transformation is all about Tamala. Tamala started with Intu Fitness just 6 weeks ago and I think you’ll all agree she’s made huge progress. Tamala decided to do the workouts and sign up as a coach too. She said it would help her hold herself to a higher standard because as a Coach

New Mum was told by the Doctors she was unlikely to have a baby!

February 28, 2019 published by admin

We are totally in love with what we do at Intu Fitness and it brings us so much joy! We are constantly blown away by the stories of the people within our challenge and support groups and the positive impact it has on their lives. Whilst we use fitness and nutrition as a tool to

Today is Transformation Tuesday

February 26, 2019 published by admin

Today’s transformation is honouring Intu Fitness coach Stewart. Stewart started his journey with Intu Fitness just 238 days ago! It’s been incredible to witness and be a part of. In that time Stewart has completely transformed his lifestyle from enjoying nights out with the lads, smoking, drinking and enjoying kebabs to being a role model

Body Fitness – Top 5 Benefits of Working Out Daily

February 19, 2019 published by admin

A lean, fit body (perhaps with a six pack) is not the only thing that you should expect while exercising daily. Rather, there are a host of other benefits you will automatically begin to perceive once you get into the habit of sweating out. Your mornings will become more beautiful, your relationships will start turning