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645 Launch Announcement

July 23, 2021 published by admin

Are you ready to feel energized and take on anything life throws your way? What are you waiting for? 645 is here! A revolutionary fitness program + nutritional guidance + supportive community full of energy = THE TOTAL SOLUTION!  And if you’re not happy with your results – your purchase is backed by Beachbody’s 30-day

Don’t Miss Out

July 22, 2021 published by admin

You are invited to join us for the 5 Day Accountability Challenge running from Monday 26th July – Friday 30th July. The accountability challenge is going to hold you accountable to the fundamental habits that we believe help you to create success in every area of your life whatever your goals are. This is something

The final countdown⏳to the climb ?

July 22, 2021 published by admin

Plus can you pass this mobility test? It’s the final countdown, We’re counting DOWN the days to when you can reach your PEAK with our newest program, 645! ? It officially launches for everyone next week on July 19th and even though I’ve been sharing about it for a few weeks, I want to make


July 21, 2021 published by admin

I hope this month has been absolutely amazing for you so far ?  I can’t believe it’s almost over!! But I am also super excited because we now have something new available that I’ve been waiting for allll month!!! ? The (free) sample workout for our newest program launching next month is available to try

645 Sizzle Video

July 20, 2021 published by admin

You may be wondering…“What is so different about the new 645 program…” Well, here are 3 things that make this program unique (but there are so many more)! Amoila is going to teach you how to identify imbalances and how to correct them with the BONUS videos that include corrective exercises.Amoila’s next-level coaching queues will

Amoila Cesar is BACK! ?

July 19, 2021 published by admin

Amoila Cesar is BACK! With a brand new program called 645. It’s 6 days a week and 45 minutes a day. It’s launching this July and like any new program we create, will be unique and a different training style than you’ve ever seen before.  Amoila has cracked the code training professional athletes to get