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tuesday transformation

It’s Transformation Tuesday!

March 5, 2019 Published by admin

This weeks transformation is all about Tamala.

Tamala started with Intu Fitness just 6 weeks ago and I think you’ll all agree she’s made huge progress.

Tamala decided to do the workouts and sign up as a coach too. She said it would help her hold herself to a higher standard because as a Coach you have to show up for others and not just yourself. We’ll let Tamala tell her story in her own words.

THERE’S NO GOING BACK NOW!!! I normally would never post something like this but I’m super excited to share my transformation with you.. . Over the last 6 weeks I have been tested both physically and mentally and have seen major improvements in both.

I never would have thought that a 20 minute workout using absolutely no equipment and a flexible nutrition plan would make much of a difference. Trust me it was not easy and there were days when I wanted to give up, but with the help from my amazing support group I was able to push through. I’ve always struggled with staying consistent with my health and fitness, mainly focusing on my fitness when I needed to look good for the camera and then going into months of eating like crap and not caring to work out. Fast forward to now becoming a coach and being held accountable I feel more confident, happier and, healthier than ever!

If you’re looking for the motivation to start your fitness journey, feeling stuck, or just want a change then why not? Why not learn to fall in love with health and fitness and embrace every step of the journey?

So there you have it folks the secret formula:

Fitness + Nutrition + Support and Accountability = Results!

Are you ready to make the change and transform your life?

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