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nutrition accountability group for new mum

New Mum was told by the Doctors she was unlikely to have a baby!

February 28, 2019 Published by admin

We are totally in love with what we do at Intu Fitness and it brings us so much joy! We are constantly blown away by the stories of the people within our challenge and support groups and the positive impact it has on their lives.

Whilst we use fitness and nutrition as a tool to help impact and change peoples lives, we work a lot within the accountability groups on people’s mindset and belief systems encouraging them to dig deeper and face the challenges in their lives head-on. Taking responsibility for their own health and fitness not only has an impact on their physical self but the mental transformation too and it is amazing to see. People seem to get a new lease of life and start to believe anything is possible. However, the story we are about to share is so much more.

Last week one of our challengers shared her story with the group and has allowed us to share it with you now. Whilst we knew some of her story, we didn’t know the full details or the part our challenge and accountability groups played in it, we’re really touched by the story and are even more determined to help others make the changes needed in their own lives.

Here is Stef in her own words….

“Hey everyone! It’s great to be back!

So here’s my story!….

I was told many years ago that due to health complications that I was extremely unlikely to be able to have children…. In July 2017 I was taken ill whilst in Serbia and was unable to fly back to the UK for 2 months… this resulted in being given 6 months hormone replacement therapy and I was also told that I needed to lose a stone in weight for my body to process this therapy properly.

So, in November 2017 I joined Zoë and her team and lost around a stone and a half, lost about two dress sizes and increased massively in strength…. resulting in my fantastic MIRACLE baby Luka, who is now 2 months old 😃…. Zoë is one of the reasons that I’m able to hold this little man every day and for that I am forever grateful!

After having my baby, I was again unwell and lost all my baby weight in one week- I am now back to the weight I was before I got pregnant but due to losing the weight so fast, I now need to seriously tone and tighten up!

I am going to a wedding in July – the dress is completely backless and is very good at showing all lumps and bumps…..and right now I absolutely can NOT wear it!

My mission is to fit into that dress in July and to look and feel FANTASTIC in it!

I am so excited about this program and trust me….as long as you stick to the plan… it defo works😃👍🏼 ♥️👍🏼♥️👍🏼 have a great day everyone!”

This truly warms our hearts and makes us even more committed to continue what we do and help touch as many peoples lives as possible. If you would like to join our next fitness and nutrition accountability group, we start on March the 4th.