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Ordinary Things Consistently Done, Creates Extraordinary Results

March 14, 2019 Published by admin

If you want to succeed at anything whether it’s building a business, getting in shape, becoming financially free you have to remain consistent with your daily actions, this is what separates the super successful from the average.

When I was 5 years old I used to have golf lessons on a Saturday morning, I’d turn up, have my 30 minute lesson and then not play golf again until the following Saturday, sometimes not until 2 Saturdays time as there was a birthday party to go to instead. I was anything but consistent! After about 2 years I stopped having golf lessons and didn’t pick up a set of golf clubs again till my late teens. Today I can just about hit a golf ball!

On the flip side of the coin Tiger Woods started playing golf at around 3 years old but went on to become one of the greatest golfers of all time. The reason being, apart from having some natural skill (BTW there are lots of golfers in the world who have natural skill and don’t become the world’s greatest golfer!), is that he consistently showed up day after day after day to practice his golf swing, Monday – Sunday he would be out on the golf course with his Dad (coach) practicing. It didn’t matter if it was wet and windy outside or freezing cold, Tiger would be out there everyday practicing his golf swing. His consistency of practicing the same thing day in day out turned him into an expert and the world’s best. Read any autobiography from any top athlete and you will see a similar pattern, everyday they are out practicing, no excuses, no matter what mood they were in, they would be out there doing it! Consistently practicing an ordinary skill in the knowledge that extraordinary things would happen!

There is also another pattern that emerges when reading the autobiographies or listening to interviews of people who have been successful. They often attribute their success to their coach. Someone who is out there everyday with them, supporting them, guiding them, making sure they turn up when they don’t want to. You see a coach knows that to get results you have to be consistent, you have to turn up when you don’t want to, you have to practice when you don’t feel like it. It’s in those days when you show up, even though you don’t want to you create extra ordinary results. A coach is there to help you remain consistent.

If you are reading this blog it’s because at some point you have decided that you want to take control of your own health and fitness. You want to make a change but up until this point you haven’t been as successful as you want.

Well I’m here to tell you, the reason you haven’t gotten the results you want until now, is not because you are not good enough, it’s not because you are lazy or unmotivated, it’s not because you don’t want to make a change, it’s because you are not consistent with your actions! The minute you start to become consistent is the minute you will start to get results! It’s a natural law of the universe, just like gravity, and is known as the compound effect!

However, it’s not just consistent action that gets good results. The quality of your results depends on the quality of your actions. As humans we are all consistent and creatures of habit, we have our set patterns, good or bad but do those habits and patterns take us towards our goal or away from our goal? Are your daily actions bringing you more or less of what you want?

You can be consistent in a negative away. You can consistently eat junk food which over time compounds and can lead to obesity, diabetes and any other health related illness. One take away meal does not make you unhealthy just as one run doesn’t make you fit! It’s the consistent action of either over time that compounds to create the result! If you want to be fit and healthy you have to consistently exercise and consistently eat well.

It’s really that simple! But at the same time we know in reality it’s not that simple as life can sometimes get in the way, things happen that can throw us of course! That’s why we want to make it as simple and easy as possible for you to get results and why we run monthly accountability groups.

We want you to be consistent with your exercise routine and your eating habits. We want you to get into a routine of working out daily for just 30 mins, feeding your body with the nutrients it needs to feel energetic and vibrant. Starting now we want you to start the process of creating a new habit, creating a new standard for yourself that will get the results you have been wanting. As part of the process to help you remain consistent you will be assigned your own personal coach just like any top athlete, who will be by your side everyday helping to ensure you turn up, to make sure you put the work in, to make sure you remain consistent and focused on achieving your goals.

We want this to be the start of you doing something ordinary on a daily basis that will create the extra ordinary results you have been wanting!

Join our new accountability group starting now.