One of the reasons why your personal data is important to us is because it helps us offer you a highly customised service. We never compromise on the safety and security of the personal data of our visitors and customers and have a Privacy Policy and a Cookie Policy in place, which clarifies how we use, share, or transfer your personal data, including the place from where you manage your emails and other accounts. We have a dedicated team that will take care of your entire data and ensure it remains protected.

Since we respect and value the privacy of those visiting our website, we have formulated our policies in such a way that we manage to demonstrate our privacy commitment to our users:

What Our Privacy Policy Covers

  • Our Privacy Policy covers every single personally identifiable information that we collect either when a user visits our website or when they use any of our services. It also covers any other personally identifiable information that we receive from any other third party source.
  • Our Privacy Policy does not include the practices of organisations that are owned and controlled by others, or for that matter human resources who are not employed by or associated with us.

How We Collect & Use Information

  • There are two ways in which we collect information. First, we save personally identifiable information when a visitor lands on our page, submits a form on our website, or hires any of our services. Second, we receive personally identifiable information from multiple third party sources.
  • Whenever a user submits a form, filling in their name, email address, and contact details along with some comments, we save it in our database. We do not share any of the personal data of our users with any of the third party sources.
  • As far as using this personal information is concerned, we use it for two primary reasons: First, to give a reply to the query you have placed and second, to get in touch with you in reference to our services.

Sharing and Disclosing Information

  • We do not sell or rent any of our customers’ personally identifiable information to anyone whatsoever.
  • We only send personally identifiable information to other companies, that too when:
    • You have given us your consent to share your information;
    • There is a legal enquiry or court order asking us to do so;
    • We find that you are violating the Terms of Service with your actions on our website.

Changes in Privacy Policy

Depending on the need and the changes in legislation, we may change or modify our Privacy Policy in future. If we ever decide to make changes to our policy, the same will definitely reflect in our policy page to inform our users how we gather information, how we use it, and in what cases we may share it. In case there is a significant change in our Privacy Policy, we will announce the same on our Home Page for everyone else to see. You can just stop visiting our website if you find our policies disagreeable.

Explaining Cookies

In simple terms, a cookie is a very small file stored on one’s device that helps the server remember the user. In other words, it is a system that allows the server to store its own information on a user’s computer. This way, whenever the same user visits the same website, the server automatically identifies them.

Uses of Cookies

Cookies can be used in multiple ways, but their primary purpose is to improve the experience of a user on a particular site. They help a user by

  • Keeping them signed in.
  • Knowing the pattern in which they behave and operate on a site.
  • Displaying news and opinions related to their previous interest.
  • Showing relevant products and services.

Cookies help businesses find out how their website is faring among users. How many people are visiting it? What is their pattern? When are they present on the website? What causes them to bounce off? The answers to these questions can be sought. Besides, they also help display advertisements.