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Put your VISION in charge

May 28, 2021 Published by admin

You KNOW there’s another way to be doing life and business, you know it’s meant to be so much easier, you know deep down that you’re meant to be paid for doing what you love and for your business to compliment the lifestyle you dream of creating rather than complicating it.  

Are you going to let 2021 be another year of hustle, pushing, trying to make things happen, working all hours? 

Or are you finally going to let CONSISTENCY be your SUPERPOWER.

That’s what The Transformation Game is all about, baby!

There’s nothing I ever need to do except show up daily for what matters. And the same is true for you.

Play the Game 

Be Consistent AF 

Allow money to flow in daily

Cultivate habits that create harmony in your life. Instead of being in a state of hustle, remembering why you started your business and LIVE it- to create FREEDOM, to create an IMPACT, to earn a ton of money doing what you LOVE. 

It’s less about working even harder for the next level and more about working smart, focused and aligned. 

You started your business because you wanted more time freedom, to travel and go on adventures, to spend more time with your kids.. Not miss out or be an absent parent due to working all hours. 

There is nothing more powerful than learning how to work your business in pockets of time, being held accountable to do the things that’ll help you grow to the next level and consistency to become your middle name. 

Your job isn’t to work longer hours, your job is to be laser focused for a few hours and then go out and be creative, take care of your health – mind, body, soul, to unplug and pursue your hobbies, to help keep the passion for what you do alive. When you do this it’ll feel like the final puzzle pieces fall into place. The Freedom Lifestyle you started out in business to create is now reality. 

The 60 hour weeks, the missed trips, the ‘sorry I can’t make it’.. Will be a thing of the past. You get to design your days, you get to set your work hours, you get to find the harmony between work and play and know both play a vital roll in your success and happiness 

The Transformation Game really is about taking back control.

The Transformation Game is showing up for your life, your business, your passions, your health and your wealth DAILY.  It’s consistency, it’s play, it’s results, it’s unlocking the next level all at once.

The Transformation Game is shifting from thinking it has to be hard and that you can’t enjoy time off without a ton of guilt and working longer to make up for it, it’s replacing hustle with harmony and working smarter not harder 

Yes, you work 24/7 and get results, but the fulfilment, the energy and excitement of running a business and enjoying it comes when you show up fully. When you are working for a few hours and unplugging and enjoying the results of that consistency and commitment when you’re not. The fulfillment of running a business this way is amplified when you play The Transformation Game and combine both work and play.  

The results happen when you play the game!

Combining habits, consistency and focus with play, mindset work, reflection and  gratitude is one of the most powerful, fulfilling spaces that we have the ability to work and play in.

Your business and your life will totally change.. The reason you started your business, those moments of freedom you’ve only caught glimpses of until now will become an every day reality. 

And once you start playing The Transformation Game and commit to the actions daily, it’s like a coming home, an “oh yes, I remember why I wanted to do this” moment and you can’t even imagine ever doing business and life any other way again.

It took me years to figure this out, to get it totally wrong and almost quit on my business and dream life, which is  why it’s my passion to share what I learnt and what I do daily with YOU! 

To create a FREEDOM LIFESTYLE today! 

Which is exactly why I’ve created my signature membership THE TRANSFORMATION GAME  with daily accountability,  an hour of week of live group training with one of the Intu Fitness Team, a Playbook on how to create your dream business and set up your day to replace hustle with harmony and all designed to Wake You Up and Set You Free NOW!!

AND…this powerful membership is normally $199*…

But, sign up for The Transformation Game today for…

ONLY $47*!!!

Get all the details + instant access to everything now here 

The Transformation Game is the only Membership you need to subscribe to! 

Empowering you to say goodbye to overwhelm and hustle and create your successful, freedom filled business by creating daily habits that’ll transform your life 

  • Create your own aligned energized workflow so you stop living by the to-do list and start living on purpose 
  • Expand time to create space for everything you desire and require in your day, whether you’re just starting your business, have kids, are still in a 9-5 or just feel like you have a crazy busy lifestyle
  • Master daily habits that’ll enable you to get 80% of your results in 20% of your time 
  • Discover the value of taking care of your health – mind , body , soul and the massive impact that has on your productivity 
  • Become aware of the things that make you happy and create time to enjoy them , right alongside running a successful business, so you always feel totally fulfilled and know the ‘time off’ is moving you towards your goals, not away from them
  • Easily start saying no to anything that doesn’t  grow your business without second guessing or offering an apology
  • Finally get to enjoy your business and the freedom it creates! 
  • The Transformation Game daily tracker, members lounge, resources and weekly live group training was specifically designed for the rockstars who feel called to do business differently –  to work and play in an empowered way.

If you’re ready to stop wasting time on the fluff, flip the script on how business gets to be done by working smart consistently so you can enjoy time freedom..  then…

The Transformation Game Monthly Membership is for you!!

Our monthly membership is insanely powerful and will help you fuel your health and grow your wealth. 

  • Daily Tracker for 100% Accountability to 10x your results in all areas health, wealth and lifestyle (Valued at $297)
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  • Weekly Live Group Training Mastermind focusing on getting shiz done (Valued $995 per month)
  • Access to All previous Live Group Trainings (hours of binge worthy next level break through recordings (Priceless!) 
  • 7 Deep Dive Video Trainings creating clarity and clear action steps (Valued at $197) 
  • Bonus: 3 Days In My Life Guide (Valued at $47) 
  • Bonus: Master your Habits , Transform your Life Trainings (Valued at $147) 
  • Bonus: Lifetime Access Members Lounge (Valued at $97) 

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