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Slay your summer with these salads & sweet treats! 🥗🍨

July 12, 2021 Published by admin

There’s so many awesome things about summer, One of the best things is that it’s SO much easier to eat a salad 😆 I almost feel like I have to choke it down most of the time in the winter, but the light & crunchy & colorful greens are much more enjoyable in the sunny weather ☀️

BUT, it’s also so much easier to eat popsicles and ice cream during the summer too 😆  Good news is…I have an awesome resource to help you truly enjoy BOTH and not feel bad or deprived at all this summer! 

Because in all honesty, I definitely had to learn to love salads throughout this journey. 🥗 And there’s a lot that I’ve learned, that I’m excited to share with you so that you can slay your salad game this summer! Just super simple tips to make your salads tastier, easier and healthier 👌

PLUS I have tips and recipes for enjoying sweet icy treats, and what makes it even better is if you don’t have to feel bad about the added sugar, dyes or other unhealthy ingredients. But what makes it the BEST, is making it yourself or with your kiddos. 👍

You can get that nice refreshing cool treat without all the bad stuff, have fun with it, and skip the ice cream shops this summer with your own popsicle stop at home! 🏠 The whole family will love getting involved as there are endless opportunities – flavors, colors, styles, etc.

All you need to get started with your own little popsicle stop is a blender and popsicle molds (can find them in Walmart, Target, grocery stores, Amazon, etc). Silicone is usually best, but pick what you and your family like best. You can also get by with cups and popsicle sticks! 

So here you go…my complete guide to slay your summer salads and treats! Just click below to download – that’s it! 

And then of course let me know when you try and what your faves are! 


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