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  • We make recommendations as to which workout programme we feel would work best for the individual based on the answers received from them when filling out the questionnaire. Under any circumstances, we are not responsible for any untoward incident or injury that may happen to an individual following our advice.
  • Our accountability groups are simply a platform for motivating and inspiring others to do well and keep going. We will not tolerate any kind of inappropriate comment or body shaming related to other members of an accountability group.
  • We offer nutrition-related advice to individuals based on the answers received in the personal assessment they complete. However, the concerned person should consult a doctor in case they are unsure whether the advice is suitable for their body or not. Intu Sport will not be responsible for any untoward occurrence.
  • The products that we sell on our site are not manufactured by us and we do not own any responsibility related to quality of material, shape or colour or taste. The images on the website are just for representational purpose.