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The final countdown⏳to the climb ?

July 22, 2021 Published by admin

Plus can you pass this mobility test?

It’s the final countdown, We’re counting DOWN the days to when you can reach your PEAK with our newest program, 645! ? It officially launches for everyone next week on July 19th and even though I’ve been sharing about it for a few weeks, I want to make sure you have all the details in case you missed anything. Because you really don’t want to miss ANY of the amazing info on this innovative and completely comprehensive program!

It’s 6 days a week, 45 minutes each day, for 13 weeks. Yup, 13 weeks. Because that’s what it truly takes to reach your peak fitness. It’s 4 strength training days + 1 mobility focused day + 1 cardio day each week. 13 weeks of focused nutrition and workouts and you will be feeling on top of the world. The trainer Amoila Cesar has personally trained pro athletes and celebrities and is teaching you his proven methods for optimal performance, without beating up your body. And the reason this is so innovative is because of the focus on mobility. It’s seriously such a well rounded and amazing program for anyone! 

But don’t take my word for it, take it from this testimonial from one of the original test group participants, Jenna: 

“Don’t let Amoila scare you…in fact, you need to run TO him and this program because it is one that is going to have amazing value and results for coaches and clients of all levels. Amoila is a strength, conditioning and rehabilitation coach for professional athletes so this program is ALL about learning and working safely. You will feel like you are in a personal training session with one of the most knowledgeable and funniest guys in the biz! This program is a lifting program and is 45 minutes 6 days a week BUT you get to determine your hard in how heavy you lift and out of the 45 minutes each day, nearly 15 of them are stretching and mobility, as is every Wednesday workout.

I have had multiple injuries since high school with more than one requiring surgery. While I have gained back a lot of strength in those areas, this mobility and lifting work has been a GAME CHANGER! I have been with Beachbody for 5 years and was lucky enough to be in this test group and I feel stronger than ever. We are still finishing up the final phase right now but these are my results for the first phase (weeks 1-4) and then from weeks 1-8. This program truly is the commitment that could change your life forever!!”

And here’s what others are saying from the test group…

“Mentally – I wouldn’t have ever touched an Amoila program before this. I self selected out of that because it looked to hard for me. Now I literally say things to myself like “you CAN” “you’re a MF athlete.” -Molly

“I loveeeee this program! I notice more strength and stability in my shoulders than anything. I mean it’s wild how stable I can old a plank and lift my hands and not wobble. We worked on that SO MUCH and it has been so useful.” -Emily

What I love about Amoila’s training is that he takes his time to explain things in detail, which has definitely helped me learn more about and appreciate my body.” –Michelle

Your testimonial could be next! Like I said it launches next week, so if you are interested in joining my very own first ever test group for this program, then reply and let me know! We are so confident that if you make the commitment to this program, it will change everything about your health and fitness – that we are offering a $45 reward + free tshirt to anyone who commits to the system for 13 weeks! Ask me for more details when we chat ?


Why mobility? 

Let’s go back to the mobility thing for a sec…because it’s such a huge part of this program. And you might be wondering why. Like why so much strength and mobility focus and only one cardio day? 

Well, because it all begins with MOBILITY! The mobility aspect does not get the attention it deserves in the fitness world…until now! We are learning how important it is and how many people suffer from compromised mobility. Many experts say we are in an epidemic of “incomplete motor control” in western culture. ? And Amoila is here to help that with 645. 

Now, mobility and flexibility are not the same! Flexibility is about your muscles’ ability to move and lengthen through a range of motion. But mobility is about your joints ability to move through a range of motion. ??‍♀️?‍♂️ And let’s just agree that if your joints are not mobile, it doesn’t matter how flexible or strong your muscles are or how conditioned your lungs and heart are, you’re not goin’ anywhere. ?‍♀️

Many, many people have mobility issues that inhibit their ability to reach a higher level of fitness or functionality. And worse yet, they don’t realize that their joints and overall mobility is the root of the problem. So they just give up on training and fitness all together. Not necessary!  Even with painful or compromising mobility issues, you still have the ability to improve your overall fitness and continue training. Improving your mobility will increase your ability to lift heavier, move faster, jump higher – just perform better in all your workouts and life in general. No one wants to worry about their knee giving out, rolling their ankle or compromising their back when they’re running around with their kids. ?‍♀️

I encourage you to take this quick test and see where you rank with your current mobility! 

Spread your feet shoulder width apart and drop down into a deep squat, with your butt touching your calves (basically like a catcher). Keep your chest up and back flat. And hold for 10 minutes. 

Yup, 10 minutes. ?  That’s how long our bodies should be able to stay in that position comfortably, IF we have optimum mobility. But you might find it painful (stop if you do!), hard to keep form, or even possible to do/get into that position to begin with. And you’re not alone – most people fail this test. This is why we need to focus on mobility! 

If you find that mobility is a big struggle for you, even holding you back from doing other fitness programs, then 645 could be the perfect program for you. Just reply and we can chat more about any joint and mobility issues you have and what would be best!