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The ONLY time I do not want to ‘feel the burn’ 🔥☀️

June 18, 2021 Published by admin

We’re in full swing summer, and I am loving it!! And while I am about getting a good burn with my workout, I am NOT so fond of feeling the burn on my skin. Exposure to those harmful UV Rays not only greatly increases your risk of skin cancer, but also causes dehydration, premature wrinkling and aging in your skin. No good for your body, inside or out. 🙅‍♀️ But you don’t have to lock yourself inside all summer long. I’ve got some tips to enjoy your sunny summer days while still keeping your skin safe 👌


First and most obvious is to always wear sunscreen. Even if you think ‘I’ll only be out here for a few minutes’ – that few minutes can easily turn into an hour before you know it. Make sure you are thoroughly covering any and all exposed skin! 

But not all sunscreens are created equal. Some are filled with toxic chemicals that can also be considered carcinogenic. We don’t need to prevent one cancer by just creating another. So look for mineral based with zinc oxide or titanium dioxide (the only naturally occurring minerals that give sunscreen SPF) & check the ingredient list (shorter & less chemicals, the better).

Do not just grab last year’s sunscreen! Always check expiration dates as old sunscreen does not protect your skin as well. And anytime something sits for too long it can start to break down and have the potential to release even more chemicals, or spread chemicals onto you from the plastic it’s been sitting in. 

Get SPF 30 – no more no less. 30 is what you need to thoroughly protect yourself, but going up from there doesn’t really gain you much. It’s mostly marketing. And check how often it needs to be applied, especially if you are swimming or getting wet. Also consider wildlife if you will be swimming in lakes or oceans. Certain sunscreens are certified safe for wildlife and reefs, and others may actually be harmful. 


One of the top ways to protect your body against the sun is to stay hydrated!! Always make sure you have water with you (hopefully you have a favorite bottle you take with you everywhere you go) or have access to it. 💦  Dehydration is serious and can ruin your day in a hurry. 

Also consider drinking electrolytes – why I absolutely will not go without having my Hydrate stocked in the summer! Basically Gatorade but without all the sugar and dyes and other artificial stuff. Because when you’re in the sun all day, sometimes plain old water just doesn’t cut it. 


Another way to easily protect your body is to cover it up! I know I know, it’s finally summer and you wanna feel that warm sun. Go ahead for a bit, but then keep it covered up (at least while you’re in the sun). It’s just not worth the risk. 🙅‍♀️

You can use a hat, umbrella, shade tent, long sleeve cover up or beach towel or blanket. Just make sure that precious skin is not baking in the direct sun all day. And don’t forget about your eyes either! That sun can be rough on them too, so don’t forget your sunglasses. 😎


The sun is the hottest and its UV rays are the most intense (and therefore most harmful) from 10am to 4pm. So try not to be out in the direct sun for those hours. Seek shelter and shade during that time, or at least for intervals if you’re unable to be in shelter the whole time. 

So get up and get after it before the sun gets too hot, or go catch the sunset after it starts to cool down. Your skin will be much better off because of it. 👌

Hope these tips help you and serve as good reminders as we get into full summer mode. It’s no fun if we’re burnt and miserable. So enjoy yourself the smart and healthy way! ❤️


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