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The UNSEXY side of being a business owner……

February 21, 2019 Published by admin

My office often morphs out of whatever space I find myself in on any given day. The productively comes from the actions I take not the workspace.

From my laptop (on this occasion, it’s usually my phone) I’ve invited dozens of people to join me on this fitness journey, been rejected or ‘ghosted’ numerous times, troubleshot issues, checked in with clients, answered tons of messages and responded to over 30+ emails, worked on my mindset, showed up to support my online accountability group, brainstormed some upcoming training’s, mentored my coaches, and poured my belief into others who are struggling to believe in themselves!

ALL done with sweaty hair, my gym clothes on, no time to shower. Thankfully I’m not in a working office with actual people lol. But this is my reality!

Many people see the freedom, the “sexy side” of what this business has given me. The fact it’s helped me lose weight and become the healthiest version of myself, the amount we get to travel, the fact I choose when and where I work, the days I get to just chill and spend time with loved ones, the rewards we get for helping people change their lives, the fun we have in our accountability groups, the friendships I’ve made, and think man she’s got it made….

It’s rewarding, it’s fun, it’s fulfilling but it’s also HARD FREAKIN’ WORK!

But this is the path I CHOSE! It lifts me up, it gives me purpose, it brings me joy and lights a fire in my damn soul! And while some days it’s straight up EXHAUSTING, I’d rather be doing this every day vs going into an office job that left me feeling miserable and unfulfilled! When you’re ready, I’m here to talk!

Join us this Friday for a sneak peek and learn how you can get started by joining our facebook group Making an Impact with Intuitive Fitness here

Wake up and Live with Passion!

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