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Intu Fitness coach Stewart

Today is Transformation Tuesday

February 26, 2019 Published by admin

Today’s transformation is honouring Intu Fitness coach Stewart.

Stewart started his journey with Intu Fitness just 238 days ago! It’s been incredible to witness and be a part of. In that time Stewart has completely transformed his lifestyle from enjoying nights out with the lads, smoking, drinking and enjoying kebabs to being a role model for others to transform their lives around losing over 31 lbs in the process.

In Stewart’s own words –

“So on the left is when I went to the gym sometimes (didn’t really know what I was doing) thought I looked alright (look at that f**** double chin)*, thought I was healthy, didn’t really concentrate on nutrition (loved the kebabs).”

*editors note: he’s stopped all the drinking and smoking, but he’s still a bit of a lad lol

“Me on the right, nutrition on point but not restricted enjoy my takeaways every so often, the lowest weight I’ve been in easily over 10 years. I finally feel comfortable in ordering medium sized t shirts.”

“The new me,

Never thought working out from home would be so rewarding, the flexibility of doing it when I want during the day no matter how busy I am all I need to do is push the “play” button.

Listening to experts and gaining such amazing knowledge on nutrition and how to fuel my body.

Yes there is days that you don’t want to do it but that’s where the support of the accountability group comes in to it and help push you hit those goals.”

We are so proud of Stewart’s Transformation, the effort and dedication he has put in to changing his lifestyle. But also the effect he has had on other’s supporting them and encouraging them to hit their own goals.

That’s what being a coach with Intu Fitness is all about, you don’t have to be a personal trainer or a nutrition expert, all that knowledge is provided by Beachbody and the Super Trainers. As a coach with Intu Fitness you just have to be proof the product works, by showing up everyday, committing to be the best version of yourself and encourage others along the way. By showing up everyday and being the best you can be is enough to inspire others to change their lives too.

If you want to find out more about how you can transform your own life and make a positive impact with your friends and family then join us for a sneak peek into coaching this Friday and discover how you can earn enough money to cover your own subscription fees.

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