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tuesday tranformation of Kaita

Transformation Tuesday

March 19, 2019 Published by admin

This weeks Transformation is all about Katia.

Katia joined the Intu Fitness family just over 8 weeks ago when the new T20 programme launched from our boy Shaun T (we are allowed to call him that now, after meeting him in New York a few weeks ago!)

It’s fair to say Katia was a little skeptical of getting any results at first but we’ll let her explain in her own words…..

“When Duncan suggested I join the fitness community, to help train for my charity cycle, I didn’t envisage sticking to it. I had exercised regularly in the past, but in recent years, I lost all my motivation for high intensity workouts. Nothing – not even a personal trainer was able to win it back. .

After a lengthy chat, I took up the challenge, and here I am just six weeks later – with more energy, focus, and commitment to my goals. The physical transformation has been quite incredible. I say this because my stomach muscles have returned for the very first time since teenage years!

More importantly, my ability to push through emotional obstacles through exercise has been astounding. T:20 has given me a new lease of life. The journey has not been easy. But I enjoyed it far more than I thought I would. Duncan has been gently encouraging me throughout and has kept me going on bad days, with his practical advice.

Finally – I am usually sceptical about routines promising mental clarity and equally cynical about most self help programmes . But I’ve found Shaun T genuine and full of brilliant advice, which is why T:20 is so effective. His own background resonates with experiences of my own loved ones, making my journey all the more powerful and poignant.

Thank you Duncan for helping me help myself. It was much easier, and more enjoyable than I ever imagined…”

Our challenge groups are about so much more than just physical fitness, we like to focus on mental health and breaking through personal barriers too. If you’d like to find out more about the T20 programme or next challenge group please do get in touch.

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