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Where would I be if it wasn’t for health and fitness and the supportive community we’ve built.

December 3, 2020 Published by admin

Where would I be if it wasn’t for health and fitness and the supportive community we’ve built.

This week I’ve had several people reach out to me to say they’ve been struggling mentally and emotionally. It’s been a tough year for everyone and I’m hearing of more and more people who have attempted suicide or actually committed suicide. It’s a sad state of affairs.

It got me to thinking about where I’d be, if it wasn’t for starting my own journey a couple of years ago. 2 years ago I’d probably come through the hardest 5 years of my life. I was not in a good head space at all and I’d let my health and fitness deteriorate rapidly which had a knock on effect in every area of my life. Luckily I had a supportive family around me and a sister who pushed me to get back to exercising daily. I started changing my habits, getting back to listening to personal development books and changing what I was focusing on. My Health and fitness started to improve and my outlook on life changed.

I fear if I hadn’t started to make the changes before 2020 hit I would have struggled even more this year.

It’s why I’m passionate about what we do. People think I workout to lose weight and look good. (Both are positive side effects 🤪) but the real reason I work out is for my mindset. Working out helps to relive stress and negative energy, it releases endorphins and creates a natural high. Completing a workout also gives you a sense of accomplishment. It lifts your energy.

It’s why in our VIP community we have something called No Scale victories. It’s the things you can’t measure like weight-loss. It’s things like having more energy, more confidence, more belief in yourself. These are the things we hear all the time when people join our challenge groups. Whilst they might join to lose weight or get back in shape. The intangibles are what they notice and celebrate the most.

At this moment in time, it’s important to be surrounded by people who understand the struggles you are going through and are their to lift you up and support you.

Yesterday I noticed a few people in our VIP challenge group had been struggling, not showing up as much. I made a post to let them know they weren’t alone, that a lot of people are struggling at the moment. When I made that post everyone was able to see even though we are all facing problems we are not alone, it put things into perspective for people. Most of the comments were along the lines of “I’ve been struggling but the workouts and this community has helped me handle it” and for those who were falling a bit by the wayside they were reminded they aren’t alone and if they lean into the community they have the support their to get them through.

As I said, times are tough at the moment and I think most people are struggling in some way or another. In my experience over the last few years though teaches me anything, is that having a powerful morning routine helps you get through those tough time. Making exercise and good nutrition a priority, surrounding yourself with people who will support you and not pull you down and listening to personal development that will uplift you and not suck the life out of you like the MSM is doing.

If you are going through a tough time and feel alone, ourVIP acountability groups are a great way to get support both through fitness and emotionally too.