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Motivation Tips for Men & Women

5 Simple tips to help motivate you to workout and get in a routine

October 3, 2018 Published by admin

As we’ve mentioned in a previous blog we don’t actually need to be motivated to work out. We just need to take action to start the process so that we eventually make it a habit.

So here are 5 very simple steps to help you start the journey and create the habit of working out.

  1. Schedule a time in your diary that you will workout at everyday. Block that time out for the next 3 weeks. By blocking out the time for 3 weeks it will help you create the habit of doing it everyday for 21 days. The length of time scientists say it takes to form a new habit.

    Also once you have committed to a time it makes it more real and harder to back out of. Think of it like scheduling the time you would pick up the kids from school, you wouldn’t skip it, (even though some days you might want to!)

    It’s also best to workout at the same time everyday so you form a routine. Once something becomes a pattern or habit it’s harder to skip and miss out. As humans we tend to be creatures of habit, we go to bed at the same time, wake up at the same time, brush our teeth at the same time. So make working out a habit and do it at the same time!

    We also find that working out first thing in the morning means you get it done and out of the way therefore leaving less chance of you skipping a workout due to your day catching up with you and you run out of time. As an added bonus working out first thing in the morning tends to give you more energy to get through the day and achieve your other goals.

    Also block out enough time for you to shower and get ready afterwards so you are not putting added stress on yourself to hurry up. We want to make it an enjoyable experience as much as possible. If we rush we tend to fret and not enjoy things as much and that creates a negative experience and therefore we will be less likely to continue.

  2. Put your workout clothes out ready the night before so they are ready to put on first thing in the morning. Having your clothes layed out ready will act as a trigger to remind you to work out it also gives you less opportunity to wear something else first. Once you’ve got your workout clothes on first thing in the morning it eliminates another block to working out.

    If you are not working out first thing in the morning still pack your gym bag the night before so it’s ready to take with you for your workout later in the day.

  3. Set alarm clock
    If you are setting an alarm clock to workout in the morning, the first time can be hard. If you have set it earlier than normal to get your workout in before work, but you still feel tired and are not in the routine yet, so its easy to hit that snooze button. To stop us hitting the snooze button, place the alarm clock away from your bed so you have to get out of bed to turn it off!

    Another trick we have used in the past to allow for some snooze button action is setting the alarm half an hour earlier than when you actually need to get up. This way you can still hit snooze (3 times if you are an iphone user!) and not feel so guilty and be up early to get your workout in.

  4. Finding a workout buddy or a group of workout buddies is a really good way to hold yourself accountable to working out. When you try working out on your own it can be easy to skip a day or just not start. When you commit to working out with someone else or a group of people it’s harder to back out because now you’re not just letting yourself down, you are letting someone else down too. Try and find a workout buddy or group who are already in a routine, this way they will be able to guide you and motivate you to keep going and are less likely to quit as they are already in the habit.

  5. Workout from home
    Working out from home eliminates lot of the barriers to working out. Firstly, it takes less time, you don’t have to fight the traffic to get there and back. You can do your workout within 30 mins instead of taking 2 hours, giving you time to focus elsewhere. It’s also cheaper to workout from home, you don’t spend the money on transport, there is no risk of buying an unhealthy snack or drink from the gym café, saving you money and additional calories you’d have to burn off!

    Working out from home also gives you more opportunities in the day to get it done!

If you need anymore tips or motivation to workout or looking for an accountability buddy check out our online accountability group.