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“Count the chimney tops on your way to work”

July 1, 2021 Published by admin

I don’t know about you, but the last year has felt like getting punched in the face slowly repeatedly. At first you can deflect the punches but after a while it gets tiring and the ? feel harder & start to wear you down, till you are close to throwing in the towel.

If you are feeling like that, I want you to take a look at your body language & your breathing also take note of the things you are saying to yourself.

Our feelings and mood can be changed in an instant through changing our body language and breath and speaking to ourselves differently.

A 2mm shift in body language is the difference between a smile and a frown.

Someone who is feeling down and depressed usually has sloped shoulders, their gaze is downwards, their breath a long and laboured sigh. Their face is long.

On the other hand someone who is in good spirits has a spring in their step, their shoulders are back, they are looking upwards, they have a smile on their face, their breathing is shorter and faster.

Try it for yourself. Wherever you are shift your body into different positions & notice how it makes you feel.

One of our coaches yesterday told us a time when she saw a physiatrist that backed this up. At the time she thought he was mad & didn’t understand the exercise but it makes sense. He told her to count the chimney tops on the walk to work. Why? Because counting the chimney tops forces your head to look up, it pulls your shoulders back, opens your diaphragm and changes your breath pattern which changes your mood and focus. It creates that 2mm shift in your body language that can effect your mindset.

That’s why exercise is so good for your mindset. It makes you move your body and increase your breathing, fueling you with oxygen. It shifts you from the feelings you were in. Yea it’s great to lose weight or gain a 6 pack but the mental benefits are so much more.

So start to move your body and count the chimney tops (palm trees? for me ?) on your way to work.

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