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Where are my seasoned cruisers at??

March 25, 2019 Published by admin

Years ago I watched others going on all these amazing free trips and I said to myself, ‘The day I start my online biz, I’m earning those trips too’

I put a pic of a cruise ship on the vision board I made in Nov 2017 the day I launched Intu Fitness online. I had ZERO idea what it took to earn the free trip, but I knew damn well I was gonna do whatever it took!! Jan 2018 I got an email saying that because I was in the top 50 UK coaches I’d earned an all expenses paid cruise in March 2019! In Jan 2018 I also got a call saying because I was THE TOP Success Club earner in the 3rd month of the U.K. launch, I’d earned one of the 3 places for the expenses paid trip to Mexico and I could take a plus one for free and that I’d receive $750 resort credit. *pinch me*

You know I love to travel and if it’s paid for better yet! Later that year I earned another 4 trips!!! I went to Deep Creek Maryland, Orlando, London and Indianapolis. ALL paid for!

I’m not saying this to boast at all. I’m saying this to inspire you! I watched other coaches do it and said to myself – “When I get the chance I’m going ALL in! If they can do it, what’s stopping me ⁉️” And now I’m asking YOU that same question,

Why not you too?

I know it’s freaking scary starting your own business, I know its scary to get off the bench and play the game It’s a whole lot safer to stay on the sidelines and watch! But that’s no fun at all! I made such massive strides in my business last year, that my goal now is to mentor as many people as possible on how to live their dreams and make an income whilst making an impact!

So if you think you’ve got what it takes, then join me for a free, no obligation sneak peek into what it is I do, by clicking link below.

I’ll be going live Mon – Wed next week on board the cruise ship sharing how you can be a part of one of the fastest growing teams in the UK (open to ?? ?? ?? 18+)

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